Cooking Classes

Love sweets? Free from gluten, dairy, BP, nuts or eggs on 29 March

Love sweets? But concerned about refined sugar, gluten, dairy, baking powder or eggs? Then come along to our next class where we will be making sweets using macrobiotic principles. It’s the sweets that you love, without the guilt! Perfect for the relaxed cooler autumn.

●Chocolate brownies with tofu cream
●Matcha parfait
●Macerated seasonal fruit
●A light lunch of brown rice balls
●Miso soup
●Pickles with SHiO-KOJI

Bookings essential>>>

-Dates: Sunday 29 March
-Time: 11:00am-14:00 (incl. sit down lunch)
-Venue: Soramame Kitchen, 7-8 mins walk from Bondi Junction Station.
-Fee: $120pp (incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a sit down meal and healing tea)
*If you apply with your friends or purchase other cooking classes at same time, this class fee will be $110pp. 
-Class size: 2-6 people -Bring your own apron

*If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements, please let us know when you are booking.
*This is a hands on cooking class, so we ask that you remove any hand jewellery and may ask you to wear gloves if you have nail art.
*We will advise you of the exact address once your booking has been confirmed.
*You can also purchase soramame’s koji products on the day.
Participant special :1 for $9 or 2 for $15

Bookings essential>>>

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Special Event

@Gojyuan 豪寿庵 Traditional Japanese pickles for Autumn and Winter on 28 June

Pickling is growing in popularity in Sydney!!
Join us and learn how to make 3 kind of traditional Japanese “Tsukemono” for Autumn and Winter. Tsukemono and Zuke mean pickles.

●Hakusai Zuke(Won bok pickles )
Hakusai Zuke, a very popular style of pickles in Japan. They contain lots of enzymes and minerals. We will teach you how to make delicious pickles.

Takuan is a staple food for Japanese people, made using daikon(white raddish). Traditionally, takuan is made by drying the daikon first, followed by a long and complex series of steps. We will use ama-koji and shio-koji to make a quick and easy takuan!

Gari is sliced ginger picked in sweet plum vinegar. Normally sitting next to sushi. Let’s make mild and delicious Gari with us.

●Refreshment(we’ll prepare lovely sweets and bancha tea)

*You will take some zuke home with you to rest for a 1-3 days. It will be worth the wait!!!
*Please bring 1 or 2 small containers for the zuke take home.

-Date: Sunday 28 June. *1day cooking
-Time: 11:00am-1:30pm
-Venue: Gojyuan: 208 Darling Street Balmain NSW 2041
-Fee: $98pp(incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a tasting Tsukemono, refreshment and bancha tea)*If you attend with a friend enjoy a reduced rate of $90pp! Please ask when you’re making the booking. 
-Class size: 10 people

Bookings essential>>
*Gojyuan Phone: 02-9810-3219

*Please bring your own apron.
*Most of the ingredients are organic or biodynamic.
*This is a hands on cooking class, so we ask that you remove any hand jewellery and may ask you to wear gloves if you have nail art.
*If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements, please let us know when you are booking.
*Koji products from Soramame Koji House will be available for purchase at a special price for participants on the day. Participant special: 1 for $9 or 2 for $15

Bookings essential>>
*Gojyuan Phone: 02-9810-3219


Recipes using koji

Tamari-koji flavoured fried brown rice

[Ingredients] serves 2

1/2 onion: Chop into fine pieces
1/4 broccoli: Separate into small bunches, cut the stem into this slices

300g cooked brown rice
1 tablespoon tamari-koji
1 tablespoon sesame oil

1. Heat up the pan and pour sesame oil. Stir fry onion until it gets soft and moist, then add broccoli. Take them out form the pan when they are cooked and replace into a plate.

2. Put brown rice into the same pan, stir fry until it gets separated into pieces, then put back cooked vegetables into the pan, season with tamari koji. Add some pepper at the end.


Request Classes

Private cooking classes are available

■Private Cooking Class

-Dates: Upon request
-Time: Upon request (Duration 3 hrs/ incl. eating time)
-Fees: $95pp (incl. ingredients and equipment, recipes, a sit down lunch and healing tea)
-Class Size: Minimum 3 people

You can choose from  our variety of cooking classes>>>

*Bookings  essential>>>

[ Venue ]

Private Cooking Classes/Soramame Kitchen
Walk 7-8 mins from Bondi Junction Station
*We will advise you of the address after your booking is confirmed.

Home Visit Cooking Class/Upon request

*Classes are held in English and Japanese
*Menus are subject to change with produce availability

*Bookings  essential>>>



Try! chewing 100 times per mouthful meditative meal!!

Boost your immune system!

Chewing is one of the most important parts of your diet. Saliva contains lots of natural enzymes, which aids your digestion and boosts your immune system. Join us once a week for a meditative dinner, chewing 100 times per mouthful! It will be a great way to reset your body and mind.

▶ Date and time: Upon request
▶ Fee: $30pp (from 3 – up to 5 people)
▶ Includes an explanation of the benefits of chewing,
a tasty chewing plate eg. Brown rice, Soup, 3-4 side dishes,
healing tea
▶ Place: Soramame kitchen: 7-8 mins walk from Bondi Junction
*We will advise you of the address after your booking is confirmed
▶ Duration: approximately 1 hrs
▶ Please book and pay by 1 week before the day

Photo/ Sample chewing plate

*Bookings  essential>>>